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  • Daylighting Forum:
    May 14-15, 2010
    Las Vegas, NV

  • About 90 daylighting experts and industry representatives gathered at the 2010 Daylighting Forum to discuss recent developments and needed next steps to support the accelerated adoption of daylighting as an integral energy efficiency strategy to help meet the national goal of net-zero energy commercial buildings within the next decade. The event was hosted by Southern California Edison in support of the development of new daylighting codes, standards and efficiency programs at both a state and national level, with additional support from a number of other organizations. Attendees included leading researchers from national laboratories, universities, and private companies, along with representatives from software companies, code development committees, professional organizations, manufacturers, and leading practitioners in the field of daylighting.


  • Lighting and Health Symposium:
    March 13-14, 2008
    San Francisco, CA

    A two-day symposium to discuss recent findings in the connection between lighting and health, and their implications for a variety of fields, was held in San Francisco, California on March 13-14 2008. Speakers included key researchers and decision makers involved in lighting and health issues from the following fields: Neurology, Photobiology, Biochemistry, Ophthalmology and Vision, Immunology, Psychology, Gerontology, Pediatrics, Public Health, Energy Policy, Transportation Planning, Building Design, and Lighting Technology. Keynote speakers was Dr. George Brainard who has done much pioneering work identifying the wavelength sensitivity of biological, behavioral and therapeutic responses to specific wavelengths in animals and humans.

    The goal of this symposium to initiate an information exchange across these many disciplines, and to facilitate a conversation among California policy makers and researchers to better understand each others’ needs and concerns relative to the use of light in the built environment.


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