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The goal of this project was to create an updated, complete and detailed understanding of the ways in which daylighting can be implemented in California office buildings. This knowledge is intended to be used to facilitate and justify a utility retrofit program to achieve demand savings and energy savings from daylight in existing office buildings, and to inform the next round of Title 24 changes.

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The objectives of this project were to assess the size and potential energy savings of the office daylighting retrofit market, and to identify what improvements to office buildings are likely to create cost-effective savings. The project developed implementation tools to assess individual sites for their energy savings potential using daylight, and communicated this new knowledge to key decision makers including program designers, controls manufacturers and Commission staff.

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This project is funded by the California Energy Commission PIER Program. Principal Investigator for this project was Mudit Saxena, of the Heschong Mahone Group. Our subcontractor for this project was Itron who brought their extensive experience of developing and analyzing the CEUS (California Commercial End-Use Survey) database. A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) also provided input throughout the project.

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