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The goal of this project was to encourage, demonstrate and disseminate new approaches to retail lighting and daylighting designs that will result in greater energy savings and peak demand reduction, while more than satisfying the need of the retail corporation for effective visual marketing and the creation of a highly attractive shopping environment.
The intent of the project was to make use of daylight for lighting energy savings, and to find other ways to reduce the energy consumed by electric lighting. Daylighting for energy savings is now widely practiced in "big box" retail stores, but the highly uniform lit environment that it creates does not meet the expectations of high-end retailers. This project aimed to identify daylighting design strategies that specifically contribute to the visual marketing goals of the retailers, while also offering significant energy savings.

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The objective of this project was to engage a major operator of high-end retail buildings (Macy's), a utility partner, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD) and an industry group of lighting designers (IALD) in the development of a new paradigm in lighting quality and energy-efficient lighting in retail facilities. The project aimed to achieve its goals through a combination of demonstrations, design assistance and monitoring of new retail buildings and the development of retail daylighting methods that are both energy- efficient as well visually-appealing and stimulating.

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This project was funded by the California Energy Commission PIER Program. Principal Investigator for this project was Abhijeet Pande, of the Heschong Mahone Group. Subcontractors were lighting designers Naomi Miller and Bernie Bauer, to bring in their extensive experience of retail lighting design. The Project Advisory Committee (PAC) also provided input throughout the project.

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