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Daylighting Case Studies

Heschong Mahone Group developed three cases studies of successful examples of daylit buildings in the northeast region for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These case studies showcase a variety of daylighting designs suited to the climatic challenges of the northeast region.

1. Genzyme Building, Cambridge, MA:
This case study describes the daylighting technologies used to provide comfort and energy savings at the Genzyme headquarters building. Genzyme describes the 350,000 square foot building as “one of the most environmentally responsible office buildings in the United States”. The Genzyme building is LEED platinum certified, and is located on a brownfield site close to an urban center. The building uses a double‐skin façade for thermal control, a central atrium for daylight and ventilation, and many other sustainable features. View PDF

2. NRG Systems, Hinesberg, VT:
This case study focuses on the south‐facing office areas of the NRG System building, and describes how incoming sunlight and diffuse daylight is managed by advanced window blinds, to create a comfortable and efficient workplace. Frequent winter snow and low winter sun angles create bright and challenging visual conditions for the south‐facing spaces. View PDF

3. Stop & Shop, New Paltz, NY:
This case study evaluates the performance of innovative skylights used to provide daylight illumination in Stop & Shop’s 70,000 square foot store in New Paltz, NY. The skylights are designed to capture sunlight more effectively than conventional skylights when the sun is low in the sky, at the beginning and end of the day. View PDF

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