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PIER Lighting Research Program (PIER LRP)
Lighting R&D/ Codes Scoping Study

About the PIER LRP
Final Report
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For the California Energy Commission's PIER Lighting Research Program (LRP), HMG provided critical evaluation of the energy efficiency potential, savings, and codes and standards connections for various lighting technologies developed through the program. The goal of this project was to determine how the PIER Lighting Research Program can best translate its successes into workable code and standards proposals. The emphasis was to identify efforts that are likely to have the largest energy savings and demand reduction potential. The objectives were:

  • Evaluate all Program lighting research efforts, and map the path from each research outcome into the codes and standards arena.
  • Identify the most code-ready research outcomes and recommend steps to adoption, and identify those that may require additional R&D before they can enter the code process.
  • Identify lighting codes and standards problems which require additional R&D, such as outdated lighting industry metrics which are referenced by codes.

The Final Report for this project identifies successes of the PIER LRP in the development of devices for the purpose of short-term energy efficiency improvements, but also identifies the minimal codes and standards connections of the LRP products due to the nature of the technologies used, features included in the products, and the developmental stage of the LRP products. It provides recommendations for future PIER lighting energy efficiency programs to include greater coordination of codes and standards development needs, utility emerging technologies programs and fundamental lighting research.



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