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Lisa Heschong
HMG Principal/Executive Officer

Lisa Heschong is a Managing Principal of the Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. and a licensed architect who has divided her 30 year professional career between energy research, writing and building design.  She is an internationally recognized expert on daylighting, lighting energy use, and human factors in building design.

As a researcher, Ms. Heschong led the research team that found a correlation between the presence of daylight in classrooms and improved student performance, and completed three additional studies for the California Energy Commission Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program looking at how daylight and window characteristics influence human performance in offices, schools and retail buildings. She also led the team that analyzed baseline lighting characteristics for both the residential and commercial sectors and created a computer model of lighting energy use for the California Energy Commission.  She led projects analyzing the field performance of daylit buildings across the west coast, and currently is leading a large, international effort (partially funded by PIER) to establish a new set of climate-based daylight performance metrics. These projects typically involve extensive field data collection and sophisticated analysis of massive databases.

As an energy consultant, she helped pioneer the new outdoor lighting codes for California’s Title 24, especially the methodology for establishing outdoor lighting zones across the state. She has consulted on numerous daylit buildings, including two schools that received the first set of awards for High Performing Schools in California. She has participated in numerous process and impact evaluation studies, especially for new construction and market transformation assessments. She serves as principal-in-charge for all of HMG’s multi-family energy efficiency programs, both new and retrofit, for the California utilities and other clients.

As a writer and educator, she worked with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories to synthesize their research into Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance (WW Norton). She also is author of Thermal Delight in Architecture (MIT Press), and a co-author of the Advanced Lighting Guidelines, the CHPS Best Practices Manual, and the Skylighting Guidelines, three web-based publications. She has published scholarly papers, written for trade magazines, and conducted numerous lectures and workshops across the country on issues of daylighting, high performance design, energy efficiency, and human comfort.  She also developed self-paced web-based distance learning courses for the U.S. Department of Energy called FEMP Lights and the California utilities, called EDR Lights.

Prior to HMG, in her past life as a practicing architect, Ms. Heschong managed projects to design high-rise office buildings, urban infill projects, K-12 schools, and residences; run her own one-woman practice; and consulted on numerous school designs. She also taught studio design at the Architecture Department of the University of California at Berkeley for three years.

Ms. Heschong was recently elected to the Board of Directors of IESNA, and is currently Chair of the IESNA Subcommittee on Daylight Metrics. She has served as the human factors panel leader for ACEEE conferences and is the author of a number of commercially successful books.

Ms. Heschong was awarded her B.Sc. at UC Berkeley, Summa Cum Laude, and her Master of Architecture degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the AIA Medal.

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