Rating Site-Built Fenestration:  The 2008 update of California’s Building Energy Standard (Title 24) approved the use of CMA to determine energy-related performance ratings for site-built fenestration in nonresidential buildings.

CMA, or “Component Modeling Approach,” is a Product Certification Program from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) which enables energy-related performance ratings for nonresidential fenestration products.

CMAST or CMA Software Tool, is NFRC approved software which allows a user to create a fenestration product “virtually,” and generate its energy-related performance ratings (U-Factor, SHGC, VT).

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CMA & Title 24 2008 Webinar Slides

Presentation: this is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation in PDF format.
CMA & CA Title 24 Webinar Slides_Jan10.pdf*

*This presentation has been updated as of 2/2010 to reflect that the glazing product given during the
example section of this presentation (slide 19 onwards), was tinted instead of clear.

Recording: this is a copy of the webinar audio-video recording in .wmv format.
To watch the video first install the following before clicking the link below:
Then click the recording: CMA & CA Title 24 Webinar Recording_Jan10.wmv

Question & Answer: this is a copy of the Q&A in PDF format.
CMA Title 24 Webinar QA_Jan10.pdf

CMA  Title 24 Webinar QA_Dec09.pdf

CMA & Title 24 2008 Webinar Registration

December 3,
 2009 or January 28, 2010
10am-12pm PST

Dec. 3, 2009 this webinar has passed

Jan. 28, 2010 this webinar has passed

HMG does not expect to conduct any future webinars.
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Webinar Contact

For more information or questions, please contact:

  Sophia Hartkopf
(916) 962-7001


CMA's main website is www.nfrc.org/CMAProgram.aspx.


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