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Skylighting Resources 
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Download SkyCalc™
Download Modular Skylight Guidelines and Report  
Download Lay-in Ceiling Insulation Report  

Skylight Photometry Testing 
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Download SkyFit
Download Photometry Files
Download Project Outline


Daylighting and Productivity Study

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Download 2003 CEC PIER Final Reports  
Download 1999 PG&E Study Reports 

PIER LRP Codes and Standards Connections
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Download Final Report  
Download Related Reports 

Lighting Efficiency Technology Reports 
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CA IOU Codes and Standards Earnings Claims Framework
Download report
PAPER - IESNA Skylight Photometry 
Download paper
PAPER - Photocontrols Effectiveness 
Download paper
PAPER - Sidelighting Photocontrols Field Study
Download paper

NYSERDA Daylighting Case Studies

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Download reports


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