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Codes and Standards Research and Development

HMG works with numerous states, federal agencies, and utility programs to improve building and appliance energy efficiency codes and standards. This includes conducting cost effectiveness analysis, market assessment, technology assessment, stakeholder coordination, and code language development.  

Program Design, Management and Administration

HMG designs and manages incentive programs to promote energy efficiency. We worked on several California programs, including the California New Homes Program, Savings By Design, and Designed for Comfort.  We also assisted Seattle City Light and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in developing a program portfolio responsive to their ratepayer needs. 

Building Science Research and Analysis

HMG conducts research to better understand how various building systems perform and how they could be improved to provide better performance and increased energy savings. HMG has been a pioneer in estimating the results of new building science developments on the broader market, through such studies as our research on demand response technologies, our domestic hot water field studies, and our emerging technologies assessments.

Market Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation

HMG's EM&V reports inform policymakers and program developers who are involved in market transformation. The studies are  designed to provide baseline and market characterization data, program impacts, and/or consumer and staff feedback.  Topics include relative energy efficiency of program participant and non-participant buildings, market penetration of utility program activities, characteristics of energy efficiency measures, structure of design teams and their decision making practices, and overall trends in the building market.

Human and Environmental Factors Research

HMG has explored the relationship between the built environment and non-energy benefits. In particular, we have completed studies researching correlations between daylight availability and human productivity in multiple building types.  Our schools study found significant improvements in test scores to be strongly correlated with daylight in classrooms. Our retail study found that retail sales were as much as 40% higher in stores with skylighting. 

Professional Training and Technical Writing

HMG has been in the forefront of market-transformation and information dissemination work throughout the country for more than a decade. We share our expertise in a variety of ways, from providing training programs and seminars  to speaking at conferences and meetings.  We have been involved in numerous design manuals and guidelines, such as the Advanced Lighting Guidelines and the California High Performance Schools Manual. We've also developed web-based tutorials for Energy Design Resources and the U.S. Dept. of Energy.

Analysis Tool Development

We've developed customized applications  for efficient building design, sustainability practices, and demand response modeling. Applications include SkyCalc, a tool to help building designers determine the optimum skylighting strategy that will achieve maximum lighting and HVAC energy savings for a building, and the EDR Green Calculator, a tool to analyze shading and water impacts of building projects.


Electric Lighting and Daylighting

Building Design and Productivity Analysis

Energy Efficient Multifamily Buildings

Nonresidential New Construction Buildings Market

Building Energy Simulation


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