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Performance Incentives

The California Multi-Family New Homes Program offers financial incentives for designing, constructing and verifying the project to exceed Title 24 requirements by 15%. 

  Performance Incentives Details

Multi-family new construction projects can qualify for cash incentives that will help pay for energy efficient design, construction and verification. The incentives are awarded after the building has been inspected and verified by a HERS Rater.


Performance Incentive -

Performance-based cash incentives to offset the costs to design and construct your building to be at least 15% better than minimum Title 24 requirements.

Customer incentives include a base incentive of $100 per dwelling unit plus

($/kWh*kWh saved) + ($/therm * therms saved) + ($/kW* kW saved)

Please note that %>T24 values are based on CEC Certified Title 24 software outputs from your Energy Consultant and can vary substantially between the start and end of construction.

Verification Incentive –

Cash incentives offset the costs of hiring a HERS (Home Energy Rating Systems) Rater. A HERS Rater is required to inspect and verify the energy efficiency measures after installation and to submit a verification certificate to program implementers.

HERS Rating Incentives are available (paid to developer) at $60 per dwelling unit for a maximum of $12,000 per project.

Energy Consultants:

Cash incentives are paid to energy consultants to offset the cost of additional energy performance analysis and documentation.

Energy Consultant incentives are available (paid to energy consultant) at $50 per dwelling unit for a maximum of $10,000 per project.

In order to qualify for the incentive, the energy consultant will be asked to update the Title 24 documentation based on the CMFNH plan review and to reflect as-built conditions.

Please note: The Title 24 documentation submitted to CMFNH must be created and signed by a Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) for 2008 Title 24 Standards (Low-rise: Residential CEPE, High-rise: Nonresidential CEPE)

Please note: Projects that do not include mechanical cooling must have positive cumulative electric savings and exceed the code by at least 15% with energy savings from heating and water heating end uses. Applicants must use HMG's form to accurately calculate compliance to qualify for CMFNH.

For details on the high-rise residential percent-better-than-Title 24 calculation methodology, please click here.



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