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Past Featured Projects

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Daylighting and Productivity Studies

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Heschong Mahone Group completed studies researching the relationship between human performance and building design on behalf of the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program.
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Sidelighting Photocontrols Field Study

Heschong Mahone Group has conducted the first large-scale US field study of energy savings from daylight-responsive lighting controls (photocontrols) in commercial buildings that are lit by windows (sidelit spaces).
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PIER Daylight Plus - Daylight Metrics

Heschong Mahone Group led a research team to develop a set of simulation based daylight performance metrics and criteria, which can be used in programs, codes and standards to promote successfully daylit building. Development of daylight performance metrics are a necessary step toward achieving widespread promotion and use of daylighting in buildings.
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  PIER Daylight Plus - Office Daylighting Potential

Heschong Mahone Group conducted a study of the potential of energy and demand savings from daylighting in existing office buildings in California. This study determined the overall technical potential of daylighting, and also identified physical characteristics of spaces that can improve the performance of photocontrols to achieve deeper energy savings.
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PIER Daylight Plus - Retail Revisioning

The goal of this project was to encourage, demonstrate and disseminate new approaches to retail lighting and daylighting design that will result in greater energy savings and peak demand reduction, while more than satisfying the need of the retail corporation for effective visual marketing and the creation of a highly attractive shopping environment.
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  NYSERDA Daylighting Case Studies

Heschong Mahone Group developed cases studies of successful examples of daylit buildings in the northeast region for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. These case studies showcase a variety of daylighting designs suited to the climatic challenges of the northeast region. 
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Time Dependant Valuation of Energy Efficiency

wpeD.jpg (15646 bytes)Past development and revisions of the Title 24 energy standards were based on electricity and natural gas costs that did not account for seasonal or time-of-use patterns. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) sponsored a study that investigated the feasibility of using a more accurate energy costing analysis which accounts for variations in cost related to time of day, seasons, geography and fuel type.

The study culminated in a proposal to revise the performance method programs to account for these variations. An economic model was developed and utilized to guide these revisions. The proposed Title 24 standards for 2005 embrace this methodology. The standards now place more value on the installation of features that affect peak demand. In the hotter climates in California, this demand is quite significant.
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Skylighting Design Guidelines & Software: SkyCalc®

For the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER), HMG  developed design guidelines for modular skylights integrated in suspended ceilings, along with a research report that summarizes the current construction practices for designing and installing modular skylights in suspended ceiling assemblies.
For the PIER program, HMG also developed a research report on the effectiveness of lay-in ceiling insulation in commercial buildings in California.

For Southern California Edison, we developed the Skylighting Guidelines, an updated and expanded edition of the award-winning Skylight Handbook.  We have also developed SkyCalc™, an Excel-based program that identifies the optimum skylighting design for a building, and compares the net energy cost savings using a variety of electric lighting control strategies. 
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PIER Skylight Photometry

Photometric information, a description of the angular distribution of light from a source, is the basis of predicting how that light source shall light a space. Photometrics describe the directionality and the magnitude of light from a given lighting source. Almost all electric light fixtures sold in the United States have a photometric report. This photometric information allows one to calculate how the light fixtures distribute light in a room. In the past, measured photometric information was not readily available for skylights. As a result, lighting designers do not have the same predictive tools for designing with skylights as they do for electric lighting.
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PIER Lighting Research Program
(PIER LRP) Lighting R&D/ Codes Scoping Study

For the California Energy Commission's PIER Lighting Research Program (LRP), HMG provided critical evaluation of the energy efficiency potential, savings, and codes and standards connections for various lighting technologies developed through the program. The goal of this project was to determine how the PIER Lighting Research Program can best translate its successes into workable code and standards proposals. The emphasis was to identify efforts that are likely to have the largest energy savings and demand reduction potential.
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