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Daylighting and Productivity - CEC PIER 

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In 2003, the Heschong Mahone Group completed a second suite of major human performance studies on behalf of the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program. These include: a study of how skylighting effects the sales at a second chain retailer; how physical comfort conditions in classrooms are associated with student learning at Fresno Unified School District; and how windows and how physical comfort conditions are related to office worker performance at Sacramento Municipal Utility District offices. These new productivity studies consider the impact of daylight on human performance, along with other aspects of the indoor environment such as ventilation and view.

For the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 1999, we studied the correlation between daylight availability and human productivity. The study was done in two parts. One part looked at elementary student test scores in three school districts. The second part looked at retail sales in a chain of 100+ similar stores. To obtain a copy of the condensed reports, follow the link to Download the Reports. Completing the registration form will give you access to the download page. If you are interested in the details of the study methodology and statistical analysis, this information is available. To request copies of these detailed reports, contact Marlene Vogelsang, the Pacific Energy Center's Resource Specialist, by e-mail at mxv6@pge.com or by phone at 415-973-7206.

To obtain a copy of the additional analysis on daylighting in schools, completed on behalf of the California Energy Commission in 2001 as a follow-on to the PG&E school study, follow the link to download the re-analysis reports from the New Buildings Institute website (www.newbuildings.org/pier).
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