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Skylighting Design Guidelines & Software: SkyCalc®
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Modular Skylights - Design Guidelines SkyCalc 2.0®
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For the California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER), HMG has developed design guidelines for modular skylights integrated in suspended ceilings, along with a research report that summarizes the current construction practices for designing and installing modular skylights in suspended ceiling assemblies.
For the PIER program, HMG also developed a research report on the effectiveness of lay-in ceiling insulation in commercial buildings in California.

For Southern California Edison, we have developed the Skylighting Guidelines, an updated and expanded edition of the award-winning Skylight Handbook.  We have also developed SkyCalc™, an Excel-based program that identifies the optimum skylighting design for a building, and compares the net energy cost savings using a variety of electric lighting control strategies. 

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